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Mello Method is for you!

You starting language is not relevant, through Mello Method you will discover that learning a language has never been easier. There is a school or even a teacher that uses our method close to you, Find out where!

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Project Two

The Method has been modified to make it easier and use all over the world. Many systems for learning a language promise more than they deliver. But the claims of the Mello Method can be substantiated, just by watching our successfull pupils..

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Project Three

This new version has retained the same grammatical and language content that has made this the most widely sold course on the language market. Eight levels are available to lead you to mastery of English, Spanish, Italian and french.

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Project Four

Mello Method for children programmes are based on a child's natural ability to absorb spoken language through repetitive hearing and positive reinforcement.

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Questions regarding Mello Method is the Learning Revolution

Mello Method is a 100% Flexible course

The course is fully flexible, which means that after completing the first module, that we call “Big Ben Book”, the student can move freely. The course was structured to find and fill any gaps in all the levels. It is undoubtedly a unique course, nothing on the market offers such quality, with such flexibility.


How can this course be so flexible?

What few people know is that to speak a language you only require a limited number of words and an even more limited grammatical knowledge. With our method the student can acquire this basic structure in just six months. Thus, after mastering this structure, the student will practice and improve as he goes along the course.


bigWhere do I buy Teaching Material?

Unlike other language schools, our material is unique, it is not found in ordinary nor even in specialized bookstores. Our material encapsulated brings a lot of experience, and the certainty of language fluency. Thus, all material is acquired in an official Mello Method school or through an official Mello Method teacher.



Is there an individual program (one-to-one)?

Yes, in fact the whole course using Mello Method at any school affiliated to Mello Method Organisation, is individualized due to its flexible nature. But students can also take the course under VIP , i.e. the student will take the lessons alone, or doing the course in booth called Mello Method Self-teacher at any time available.


I have studied English with another method in another school, can I use the content already learned?

Yes, as our course is always individualized and 100% flexible, if after a short test  you are considered able to jump the access module, you can start and continue your course at any moment, at any time and class available.


Why do the books have no numbers?

Because unlike other methods and schools, our course is really 100% flexible, it has been developed since 1995 to reach the perfect format we have today. No other school or method can call itself flexible if its course is sequential. For the sequential we mean that a unit is a prerequisite of the other, making flexibility an illusion.